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Do you need the upholstery cleaned on your leather furniture?

Has your carpet flooded due to a leak in a pipe in home or office?

If so, then you need to check out the Leather Suite Cleaning offered by IB Cleaning Services and Emergency Call Out Service that our business has to offer. We know how to handle delicate and tough situations.

You can contact us at anytime and our team is ready to help you out with whatever problem it is that you are having. The Ian Burrows professionals are fully trained and licensed to handle all types of situations.

Our additional services:

Leather Suite Cleaning

Leather furniture should not be cleaned by anyone. Only professionals can provide quality cleaning on leather.

Here at IB Carpet Cleaners we use special chemicals to maintain the quality of the leather and to increase the lifespan of your furniture. Our professionals are dedicated about every detail when it comes to cleaning the upholstery of leather furniture.

You will be in the best hands when you select us as your provider to clean leather items. To see a demo of how we clean the leather furniture, then you can come to our office in Manchester to see how we deep clean the upholstery.

Emergency Call Out

The emergency call out service is for those who have flooded carpets or furniture. If your home gets flooded with rainwater or dirty sewage water this is available 7 days a week to take over the task of cleaning the carpets and furniture after a disaster. With using our machines to soak up the dirty water, and with deep clean the carpet and furniture the air will have a fresh clean smell along with the carpet and furniture. The Ian Burrows Carpet Cleaning team will not leave your side until the mess is completely cleaned up.

Commercial and Domestic Services

We offer our services for domestic and commercial properties. We Have completed a range of projects over the past 20 years. No matter what the emergency is or how dirty the carpets or furniture are, do not hesitate to contact us for your domestic or commercial needs.

We will provide you with a quote and you can even book your appointment over the phone.
Wait no more and contact us today!