Hotel Carpet Cleaning Services

Hotels have a lot of carpet space. That carpet gets subjected to a lot of abuse from feet, suitcases, trolleys, and the general hustle and bustle that is life in a hotel. Because hotel carpets take quite a pounding they need a professional clean every so often by people like us here at IB Carpets.

If you run a hotel in the Manchester area you’ll be happy to hear about our Manchester hotel carpet cleaning services. We take your carpets and clean them to make them look good as new. When it comes to a hotel the first impression is key. They say when you meet a person the first thing you notice is actually their shoes. When you see a building for the first time one of the first things you notice is their carpets. If yours look dirty then it’s going to give off a bad first impression about your hotel. That first impression is key. An unclean hotel is one people are not going to stay in.

Stay Open

When you get your carpets cleaned with us you can be sure that we’ll use only the best equipment to take care of the job. We also Hotel Carpet Cleaningtry our best to not disrupt your services. People aren’t likely to stay in a dirty hotel. They also aren’t likely to stay in a noisy one where there are workmen all over the place cleaning the floor. Because of that we try to clean at times that would be suited to your Manchester hotel. We clean during the day and avoid places we need to avoid, working on them when they’re less busy.

When we clean your carpets we also take steps to help protect them in the future and keep them going for even longer. Replacing carpets in a hotel can be a very costly procedure. It can also be bad for business to close for refurbishment. There’s no real need to close when just getting a carpet cleaned as we move when and where we’re needed and try to avoid disrupting your business.

We also take care to treat your staff and customers properly. We treat them as if they were our customers. In a way they are as keeping the hotel clean affects your customers as much as it can affect you. Dirty carpets are hotbeds for bacteria and allergens. Taking care of your carpets takes care of your customers too.

Give Us A Call

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to work out a price and a schedule that fits around your needs. The price we offer is also the price you pay. We guarantee this. There are no hidden charges that we’ll dump on you at the end of the working day. We use the best equipment and we have the best staff. Not much more needs to be said than that. Our work can speak for itself and we’ll be happy to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied customers.