How to Clean Your Rug


If you are planning to clean your rug yourself and not hireling a Rug Cleaning Manchester service, make sure your know what materials have been used to produce it. All rugs are made from different materials, and need to be cleaned accordingly. You will find many types of rug and carpet cleaning products in the shops, and these include powder cleaners, foam cleaners and shampoos. The quality of the Rug Cleaning Manchester is determined by which one you decide on. Many rugs can be cleaned at home, with shop brought materials, but others will have to be cleaned by a professional.


Rugs can add personal value to any room in your house, especially Oriental ones that will give that aesthetic look.Rug Carpet
They are harder to clean than everyday rugs, and can easily be damaged if they are not taken care of properly. Rugs are liable to fade, get dye migration and a transfer of colour. A professional rug cleaner will eliminate these problems to give you and your rug a great service.


Depending on what materials your rug is made from it is possible that it will shrink with some cleaning products. Usually these rugs are made from wool. Use the recommended cleaning method for your type of rug, to prevent shrinkage. These will include taking special care over the fringes around the rug, so that they do not knot up. Some floor surfaces that the rug is placed on can damage it just as much as improper cleaning. The floor underneath can remain damp, and will rot the backing of the rug as well as damage the floor.


Stain Removal Manchester


When trying to remove a stain on your rug, do not rub. If this happens, the stain may spread over to other areas of it, which can cause permanent damage. Remove stains as soon as possible, as they will be easier to move. Those that have had time to soak in to the fibres will be a lot harder to get rid of. A chemical reaction can sometimes occur that will leave a stain permanently on your rug.


Test small areas of your rug with the cleaning materials before applying all over it. This will eliminate any serious damage if the fibres are affected by it. If your rug develops any mould or mildew these will require a little patience to remove. Some simple solutions are salt, lemon juice or non-chlorine bleach, which are well recommended to use on colourfast rugs.


With the right care, your favourite rug will last for years before it has to be replaced. So Call IB Rug Ceaning Manchester today for a professional service.