Settee Cleaning Manchesterpet-safe-cleaning

If you maintain your furniture’s fabric properly, it will definitely stay cleaner longer, so that it will last for years to come. To help your settee keep clean you may have to set some house rules when it comes to pets, kids and guests. Make sure you eat all your meals at the dining table, as this will eliminate any spills and stains. All outdoor footwear should be removed when sitting on the settee to slow down its wear and tear.

 Accidents Will Happen

Accidents can still happen, even if there are rules in place. Do not worry as these things can be rectified. There are many ways you can wash and clean your settee when it becomes dirty. Here are few things to remember when cleaning your settee.

  • Remove all the cushions, if you can. Do not try to force cushions away from your settee that are not meant to be removed, as this will rip the fabric. It will then be permanently ruined.
  • After the cushions have been removed, the cleaning can begin. Start by hoovering up any loose debris and dirt. If your hoover has a brush attachment, you can use this to get into the crevices of the settee.
  • Put the cushions back onto the settee, as you are now ready to wash it. You can go out and buy an upholstery-cleaning machine, but if you want to save money, it is not necessary. All you need is some washing up liquid.
  • Mix your washing up liquid with a little luke warm water and make sure it is well mixed. For best results, use an electric mixer to mix the solution further. Once it is foamy, it is ready to use.
  • Use this solution to wash the dirty parts of your settee. Use a test area first before using the solution on larger areas to prevent fading and discolouration. Use a cloth to do this test, and rub the mixture on to a small area of the fabric. Wait until this area as dried well, to make sure if it is safe use on a larger area.
  • As you start to clean the dirty area of your settee, you should start to see it get clean quickly. To remove the dirt and soap use a scraper or a spoon.
  • When the dirt has been removed and cleaned, wipe with a clean damp cloth to rinse away any remaining soap.


If your settee is really dirty, you may need to look into hiring a professional to clean your settee.