Sofa Cleaning Service

IB Carpet Cleaning Manchester don’t just clean carpets. We take care of pretty much anything that can be cleaned. That includes taking good care of your sofas. We have a separate service for leather sofas and this is the service for anyone looking to get their Upholstery cleaningregular sofas cleaned.

We use only the best equipment and cleaning solutions when we take care of your sofas. We have the knowledge and experience to take good care of your sofas. After being cleaned the sofas will be protected from further damage so they’ll last longer before needing to be cleaned again. Getting them cleaned is a far cheaper solution than replacing them every so often.

There are a few benefits to getting your sofa cleaned. The main benefit to having your sofa cleaned, other than it being cheaper than just replacing it, is that it helps protect the health of you and your family. Sofas and other fabrics trap a lot of microbes like bacteria and allergens like dust and pet fur. Getting your carpet cleaned helps keep the people in your house in good health. It might sound a little too much to believe but it’s true.

Clean And Fresh Smell

It also helps your house look clean and smell fresh. Sofas are also very good at trapping odours. They need a good clean every so often to restore them to their old glory. Nobody likes looking at dirty and damaged sofas. Getting them cleaned every so often does a great job of restoring them and letting everything look good. Impress your friends and neighbours with freshly cleaned furniture that gives a great first impression of your house.

You’ll be pleased to know that the price you get quoted after consulting us is the only price that you’ll pay. We don’t throw in any hidden charges or fees at the last minute. We use the best cleaning solutions and techniques to give you the best quality clean. All of our staff have plenty of experience in the field and know their way around a sofa.

We also try our best to work our way around your schedule. If you’re going to need your living room for some reason then we’ll leave you to it and clean up when you’re ready for us. We can also take care of everything while you’re out and about to reduce disruption to you and your daily life. Cleaning sofas can take time and there’s no need to have to take that time out of your life yourself. So just give us a call or drop us an email today and we’ll see what we can do for you and your sofas. IB Carpet Cleaning Manchester focus on the Manchester area but we are willing to travel to the surrounding areas in some cases.