FAQ about our cleaning services

After cleaning, will my carpets get dirtier quicker?

No. Some other less professional companies use cheap, poor quality shampoo to clean your carpets. This can leave a sticky residue on the pile which can attract dirt more quickly. We only use the best quality cleaning products. This includes Ultimate Master which is recognised as being one of the best carpet cleaning products on the market. It is dissolved in the water tank on the machine, Then It is then removed using our Altec twin vacuum machine, leaving no residue left behind. The cleaning powder is also 100% bio-degradable so it is also kind to the environment.

Are all carpet cleaning systems the same ?

We find the best cleaning system is Hot Water Extraction. This cleans deep down into the pile removing dirt, dust, and other foreign debris. Due to the fact that we use a twin vacuum Altec system, the vast majority of the water is removed back into the waste tank on the machine. This gives a far superior carpet clean compared to do it yourself vax machines or rug doctor which only have a single vacuum, leaving carpets much wetter and prolonging drying times.

Do you have to come and view to give me a quote?

Yes we are more than happy to provide a site visit to give you an accurate price. However, most customers are quite content to accept a verbal cost over the telephone, and in the unlikely event that we have to adjust a quote we have given we would not commence any work prior to consulting with the customer first. Some less professional companies use pressure selling once inside your home to commit to a ‘schedule ‘and taking bank details for direct debits. This is a practice we never undertake. Contact Us for more information

Can I go out whilst my home is being cleaned?

Yes, many of our customers go out whilst we carry out the service. Some customers go out, taking children out of the way whilst we are working sometimes they have our service whilst at work leaving us to do the work and posting the key back through when we are finished. We also carry out work empty to let properties before the new tenants move in.

Will my carpets be left wet after cleaning?

No. we operate the latest Altec twin vacuum professional carpet cleaning machines. The majority of the water used during the operation is vacuumed back into the waste on the machine resulting in much drier carpets. The carpets are a little damp after the cleaning process and will normally be dry in a short space of time, typically around a couple of hours. We also have a turbo dryer that can be used to speed up the drying time where practical. This can be seen in action at our Manchester office