Landlords Carpet Cleaning Service

As a landlord your tenants rely on you for a lot of things. You’re the one responsible when something goes wrong and it can definitely get stressful trying to stay on top of everything. We at IB Carpet Cleaning can take away one of those worries by helping you keep your carpets fresh and clean. We make staying on top of cleaning your carpets easy at least.

There are definitely benefits to having your carpets cleaned as a landlord. One of the most obvious benefits of getting them cleaned is pleasing your tenants. When your carpets get tattered and worn you’re bound to receive complaints. In a worst case scenario the tenant is going to leave the house or room and you won’t be able to replace them. Anyone who has dealt in houses, whether it is selling them or renting them out, knows that the place has to be clean. Being clean includes the carpets.

No Hidden Costs

When you give IB Carpet Cleaning Manchester a call or email we’ll quote you the only price you’ll pay to have the carpets cleaned. There are no hidden fees or costs added on to the bill. You can rest assured the price you pay is also worth it. Our staff are well trained and have plenty of experience in the business. They also use only the best cleaning equipment and materials to give you the best service.

If you have tenants currently living in the building then we’ll do our best to work around the schedules of both them and Cleaning carpets can be a big job and take a long time. We do our best to get it done quickly without sacrificing quality and also without getting in the way of the tenants. We aim to do our work when they are out and about and not get in their way. If you are looking to get more tenants then things are going to definitely be easier. Then we just have to work around your schedule.

Replacing a set of carpets is a costly procedure that also takes longer than cleaning them. It might be the only solution in some cases but it’s not the case all the time. Cleaning the carpets restores them to a great condition and helps them last longer in general. The more you get your carpets cleaned the less they actually need cleaning over time. Regular care is definitely the way to go. We’ll consult you on how often you should get your carpets cleaned and work with you for the best results. Just drop us a line and let’s see what we can do for you.