Leather Furniture Cleaning Machester

While leather couches and chairs may add a classy touch to your living room, they are almost impossible to correctly clean by yourself. Ian Burrows Carpet Cleaners in Manchester will clean and condition your leather goods, preserving them for their lifetime.

Rules for Preserving Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture pieces should be placed out of direct sunlight to avoid cracks in the leather. It should be routinely dusted or vacuumed. To keep dust away, you may consider using furniture covers or sheets on your leather goods. That being said, leather furniture should not be neglected. This goes past cleaning any stains or blemishes that have tarnished the surface of your furniture. While leather is more durable than upholstery made of fabric, some spills, particularly those that are greasy or oil-based, can ruin the finish of your furniture. Regular spills, such as juice, water, or soda, can be taken care of by wiping it with a dry cloth. Grease and oil-based stains should be left to professionals, as they can take an immediate toll on the health and look of your leather furniture.

Cleaning Your Leather Furniturecleaning-leather-sofa

Many believe that simply surface cleaning their leather furniture is proper care. While wiping the surface with a cloth and cleaning spray may take away the visible dust, it does not provide the care the leather needs. While the appropriate cleaning of leather goods does take care of surface dust, it also conditions the leather, keeping the moisture level stabilized. Over the counter products are not pH balanced; using the wrong product on the wrong type of leather can cause your leather furniture to become dry and brittle.

Products Used

There are many types of leather—including, but not limited to, pigmented,aniline, semi-aniline, and bi-cast—and not all can be cleaned with the same product. Ian Burrows Carpet Cleaners will select the right product for the job so your leather can live up to its full potential.

The IB Process

IB Carpet Cleaners will clean your leather furniture on site, reducing costs that may be associated with transportation. While the process may take some time, most furniture is conditioned, fully dried, and ready for your use within an hour. A demonstration of the Ian Burrows cleaning method is available for you to preview in store.

Leather furniture adds a certain level of sophistication to a home, but that level does not come without work. Proper care must be provided to leather furniture pieces, and such care is something that cannot be provided by the average furniture owner. Ian Burrows Carpet Cleaners will clean, condition, and restore the look of your furniture, right in your own home, so your leather furniture will be usable for decades to come.